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Uncle Jimmy\

…order, as may cause illness or death. Storage/How Supplied: Store in a cool, dry place. Comes in 3.5 lb. Important: Consult your veterinarian if any reaction occurs. * The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress reliever * Provides hours of “rewarding” distraction * Grain based and…

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…concentrated starchy food to supply the energy needed for the level of work the horse is performing. Performance horses are sometimes stabled up to 23 hours per day while being fed large amounts of starchy foods with limited amounts of hay. U-Gard is formulated with all-natural ingredients. Each…

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Numotizine Poultice

…with the skin. The application may be left on 8 to 12 hours before removing and replacing with a new application if desired. Numotizine does not have to be heated, but will act best when warmed to body temperature, especially if it has been stored in a cold place. Numotizine does not deteriorate if…

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Total Calm & Focus

…event * For Paste: Administer (1 syringe) 2 hours before an event as directed by your veterinarian. Dosage may be INCREASED to 2 syringes for high stress situations. Warnings: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and other animals. Store in a cool dry place. Close container after…

$9.95 - $59.95
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…mixing a fresh supply of milk every 12 hours; however, Mare's Milk Plus® can be mixed as a 24-hour supply. One half can be fed and the other half covered and stored in a cool place until the next feeding. Additionally, we recommend feeding every 12 hours to keep the milk clean and to observe…

$37.99 $29.99
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Related Categories: Locations

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