• Stubben Sweet Copper French Link Loose Ring

    Nice bit for using on young horses in the beginning levels of trainingSweet copper mouth and link encourages salivation and is readily acceptedSweet copper is a nickel free alloy (90% copper, 7% iron and aluminum, 3% zinc)Applies pressure to the corners of the mouth and some tongue pressureStainless…

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  • Stubben Leitrim English Bridle

    A top quality bridle with a sophisticated and elegant look while offering the upmost comfort for your horse. Made of full grain bridle leather of prime quality, the Leitrim boasts a softly padded headstall with the straps running above the padding, for additional comfort for your horse's sensitive…

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  • Stubben Maestoso D Deluxe Biomex

    This saddle marks a new breakthrough in the world of dressageCombines four important features: looks, depth, comfort and close contactBuilt on a steel spring tree that is still flexible and absorbs part of the riders weightFeatures Biomex technology to absorb shock and relieve spinal stressMade with…

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    $4475.99 $2199.99
  • Stubben Equi-Soft Dressage Girth

    The Equi-Soft Dressage Girth is a revolutionary answer to girthing discomfort! It allows your horse more freedom of movement than average girths with the same security.The Equi-Soft girth, when properly adjusted, effectively deals with the constriction by giving in all directions and markedly…

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  • Stubben Freedom English Bridle

    …your horse's 16 ear muscles to properly function without nerve pressure, as well as a full sight field to your horse, being fully preserved by Stübben's innovative cheek piece design.A horse's ears are crucial for the horse's communication with the rider. As neither the headstall nor the brow band…

    $460.00 $414.99
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  • Stubben Soft Touch Spurs

    The perfect pair of spurs for sensitive horses or those who only need gentle leg aids. Perfect for both the show ring and everyday training.Smooth gliding, stainless steel roller end offers maximum contact but is still gentleTop quality German stainless steelNon-slip rubber coating to keep them…

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  • Stubben Genesis D

    The newest dressage saddle focused on comfort and close contactBuilt on a steel spring tree that is flexible to absorb part of the riders weightMade with soft, supple, double leather that provides durability and gripFeatures an extra deep seat with unique detailing to the back of the seatHinged knee…

    $4368.99 $3494.99
  • Stubben Ascend Saddle

    …the controlled performance of this exquisite creation by Stübben.The Ascend offers a classic hunter saddle coupled with the advanced technology of Stübben spring tree all at an affordable price pointIt features an extra soft seat with a narrow twist and square cantleThe nicely padded smooth fronts…

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