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  • Premier Web/Leather Training Surcingle

    Economical and lightweight training surcingle for all disciplinesDurable cotton web with reinforced leather bindings and strapsPadded leather comfort blocks protect withers and shouldersLeather reinforced rings on each side for added strength and durabilityGirth is adjustable at both sides to fit…

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    $71.99 $49.99
    10 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Balance Training System - Complete Set

    …developed method of cords, pulleys and breeching that encourages horses to engage themselves and improve forward momentum. Ideal for use in training horses in all disciplines. Allows horses to develop the proper body carriage, collection and head position. This method also teaches horses to…

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    $214.99 $149.99
    24 Reviews
  • Long Lining 4 Piece Training Package

    …provides a great value on your long lining essentials. All pieces made of the highest quality materials for outstanding strength and durability. Package includes:Billy Royal® Multi-Ring Training Surcingle Dura-Tech® Airflow Surcingle PadBilly Royal® Leather CrupperDura-Tech® MCR Long Lines 30'

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    $349.99 $279.99
    5 Reviews
  • Billy Royal® Pro Training Halter

    Developed with the help of leading trainer Gerard PatySupple, hand rubbed and oiled double stitched leather1" wide cheeks and nose with a 5/8" browbandSolid brass buckles, snaps and rings for optimal strengthAdjustable nylon cord throatlatch with snap endColor: Dark oil

    $78.99 $54.99
    5 Reviews
  • Training Cones

    Molded soft vinyl design has a heavy base and is very durable and easy to seeConvenient to use while practicing patterns and coursesSoft molded vinyl is weather resistant for all weather useStacks for easy space saving storageCarry while on the road in case of emergencyBright orange for high…

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    $5.94 - $14.99
    7 Reviews
  • Billy Royal® Hock Hobbles

    Training aid to help horses engage their hind quartersEffectively teaches horses to collect and control their gaitPromotes rounding of the back and getting up in the bridleMade of supple harness leather with synthetic fleece liningSolid brass rings, buckles and hardware for optimal strengthMountain…

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    $128.99 $89.99
    6 Reviews
  • Victor Supreme Snap Girth Attachment

    This cleverly designed girth ring converts any standard girth into a girth that accepts training forks, martingales and other training aids. The girth ring is handmade from super soft, supple 5/8" wide American leather that loops over a cinch, passes through a fixed brass ring and snaps for secure…

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    $17.99 $11.99
  • Dura-Tech® Rubber & Chain Adjustable Cross Tie

    …width. There is a panic snap on one end so it can be easily pulled to release should a horse spook or become scared. Perfect for use at home, training barns, boarding stables, shows or for trailering.Versatile chain style cross tie with rubber endCan be converted to a trailer tie by removing chain…

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    $47.99 $32.99
    1 Reviews
  • Advanced European Training System

    …a beginners tool. Horse should be experienced with ground driving and handler should understand its principles before using this system.Advanced training method that teaches horse to engage and move forwardAllows horses to enhance and develop proper carriage, collection and headsetAllows you to set…

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    $142.99 $99.99
    28 Reviews
  • Circle Y Roughout Training Western Saddle

    …shape allows maximum contact with your horse for precise cueingRoughout leather for a more secure seatDees on swells and skirts to accommodate training aidsAvailable in Regular or Wide Equitation wood DURAhide™ treeTree: Regular or WideHorn: PleaureSeat: Dark Suede SeatCantle: 3"Skirt: 15 1/2" D…

  • Western Oak™ Barrel Saddle

    This sleek and practical barrel saddle makes a statement with its beautiful floral tooling, rough out fenders, and deep seat to help the rider hold their position.Handmade in the USACrafted from quality hand selected hidesHand tooled basketweave and floral designsRough out fenders and seat for great…

    $1499.99 $1049.99
  • Western Oak™ Ranch Cutting Saddle

    This beautiful hand tooled saddle combines high quality materials and practical design to allow a comfortable ride for the rider and the horse.Handmade in the USACrafted from quality hand selected hidesHand tooled leather with basketweave designDark oiled rough out leather for great gripBuilt for…

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    $2214.99 $1549.99