Treat Ball

  • Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls

    Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls are the perfect treat for your horse. He or she will spend hours trying to lick and grab the entertaining ball! Not only is it great tasting but it's packed with vitamins and minerals essential for your horse's everyday needs.The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress…

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  • Hay Ball Feeder

    The ideal boredom buster that promotes natural feeding without the need for additional treats or feed, providing play challenges and entertainment.Suitable for paddocks, stables or sand paddocksRecessed holes prevent outside debris contamination16 x 16 x 16 round design allows feeder to be pushed…

    5 colors
  • Shires Ball Feeder

    …boredom with this colorful treat ball! Simply fill the container with treats or grain and let your horse play, reducing boredom, stable vices, making this especially great for horses that spend long periods of time in their stalls.As your horse pushes the ball around, treats or grain will slowly…

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