• Dura-Tech® Platinum Feed Tub - 28 Qt.

    The ultimate feed tub to limit grain waste from grain slingersThick walled, high impact and 100% chemical free plasticCold weather resistant and is virtually indestructible3 heavy duty U-bolts to easily attach in corner of stall5 year warranty and is proudly made in the USA

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  • Tuffstuff Flex Tub

    These versatile muck tubs can be used for stall cleaning, horse laundry, or even as planters around the barn.Flexible plastic can be twisted without breakingThe ribbing is reinforced for extra durabilityHandles are strong with a comfort grip shapeFrost-proof and UV-resistantMaterial: Phalate-Free…

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  • Dura-Tech® Platinum Corner Feeder

    Designed by professional horsemen with the priority being durabilityThick walled design with high impact 100% chemical free plasticFeed tubs are virtually indestructible and are cold weather resistantFits snugly into corners and fastens easily by the 3 reinforced U-boltsScrew eyes and double end…

    $34.99 $22.99
    27 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Multi-purpose Muck Cart

    …laundry to manure, making it a must have for home, barn, trailer and shows. More affordable, smaller and easier to maneuver than a wheelbarrow or muck tub, this lightweight cart rolls easily with one hand and fits into tight spaces with ease.One piece molded construction with built in pull handle is…

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  • Easy-Up® Muck Tub Wheeler

    …a breeze and holds all standard 70 quart muck tubs. Perfect for taking along to shows or for every day home use in the barn or yard. The Muck Tub Wheeler is made of steel and has a unique 19" diameter metal ring and secure base to hold the muck tub. A single upright handle has a comfortable rubber…

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  • 16 Gallon Heated Tub

    Thermostatically controlled to keep drinking water from freezingWithstands temperatures as low as -20°FThermostatically controlled to turn on at 32 degrees and off at 36-37 degrees70" cord is spring coil covered to prevent chewingConcealed heating element exudes 260 watts of powerMade in the USA16…

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  • Easy-Up® Fold Up Manure Dolly

    This manure dolly holds a standard 70 qt. muck tub and moves full loads easily around the barn, yard or show ground without the worry of flat tires and sore backs. This versatile dolly can transport hay bales and bags of grain or shavings across any type of ground surface and folds flat when not in…

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  • Dura-Tech® Folding Wheelbarrow

    …for long lasting useHeavy duty vinyl 'muck tub' has an 80 lb. load capacityFolds flat for convenient transport and storageLightweight with plastic handle grips for easy maneuvering6" pneumatic tire rolls easily over all terrainVinyl 'muck tub' is easy to clean with a standard garden hoseMeasures:…

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  • Stable Mate Smart Cart Stable Cart

    …dumping.Heavy duty anodized aluminum carriage for long lasting durability and corrosion resistanceRemovable polyethylene tub snaps into place on the aluminum frame is easy to cleanThe tub has a 7 cubic foot holding capacity and a 400 lb. weight maximum20" heavy duty pneumatic spoked tires that roll…

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  • Jacks Whirlpool Boots With Compressor

    Keep your horse feeling his best with this aerated hydrotherapy system.Gives 360° aeration unlike tub hydrotherapy systemsHelp relieve pain in hoovesCan be used with varying water temperatures to treat different issuesCold hydrotherapy can aid in the first stage of healing while warm hydrotherapy…

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  • 48 Gallon Half Moon Lay Down Water Caddy

    An easy way to haul water in your truck or trailer for shows, trail rides, camping and more.Never be without water while away from homeFits nicely in truck bed on either side of a gooseneck trailer48 gallon capacity with shut off valveTranslucent plastic allows you to monitor water levelMade in the…

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  • 39 Gallon Slant Load Water Caddy

    An easy way to haul water in your slant load trailer. Do your horses not like to drink water away from home? Are you worried about contaminants in the water when you are away from home? Planning a camping trip with your horses but aren't sure about the water source? If you can answer yes to any of…

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