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  • Waxed #5 Braiding Thread

    Makes tight and long lasting braids for any disciplineKeeps braids in place and does not slip or breakEasy to handle and comes out effortlessly4 oz. spool

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    $28.99 $19.99
    18 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Ultra® Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo

    This brightening shampoo has been reformulated to enhance and intensify all coat colors and maximize the whitening capabilities for light horses. This rich, sudsy formula penetrates deep into the coat to loosen and dissolve the toughest stains, bringing up the coats natural color and…

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    $9.99 - $14.99
    43 Reviews
  • Ultra® Bit Cleaner and Freshener

    Great for cleaning and disinfecting bits while creating a bright luster for the show ring and leaving a pleasant peppermint taste that your horse will enjoy.Cleans and freshens bits while leaving a pleasant tasteFormulated to break up and dissolve dried saliva as it disinfectsHelps horses take the…

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    $156.00 $13.99
    22 Reviews
  • Microfiber Sponge w/Mesh

    High absorbency sponge with microfiber on one side and mesh netting on the otherHigh absorbency sponge is trapped between a microfiber outershell for bathing.Also can be used dry to just wipe off dust or wipe on coat spraysElastic hand strapSize: 8 1/2" long x 5" wide

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    $6.99 $4.49
    9 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Ultra® Hoof Polish

    …application, one swipe gets the job doneNo waste, non-drip applicator ensures precise application and less messMade in the USAUnconditional money back guaranteeFor the finishing touch on polished hooves use Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer. Remove polish quickly and easily with Ultra Hoof Polish Remover.

    $160.00 - $168.00 $11.99
    39 Reviews
  • Ultra® Leather Conditioner

    Ultra Leather Conditioner is a non-greasy formula that will not rub off on clothing. It's great for assisting breaking-in on new leather and restoring old leather.

    $204.00 $17.99
    29 Reviews
  • Thinline English Seat Saver

    Looking for a low-profile English seat saver? This Thinline Seat Saver offers top quality comfort and shock absorption without the bulk of some seat savers.Non-slip seat saver that is breathable, shock absorbing, and ultra-thinCan help to quiet a rider's seat, improving equitationMade in the USA

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    2 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Neoprene Ice Boot (full leg)

    Ideal to ice knees, suspensories, fetlocks or tendonsHeavyweight neoprene rubber with 6 inner ice pocketsHolds both cubed ice or reusable ice pack inserts(7) 2" wide hook & loop straps for secure closure23" tall Sold individuallyGuaranteed for 6 months

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    $54.99 $37.99
    11 Reviews
  • Ultra® Mighty Bands™

    Don't waste your time with traditional rubber bands that break or loosen throughout the horse show, Mighty Bands will stay in better, longer and won't damage you horses mane in the process.Longer shelf life than regular rubber bandsLatex-free, has great added slip for removal eliminating tugging and…

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    $11.99 $7.99
    4 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Ultra® Conditioning Hair Polish

    Ultra Conditioning Hair Polish is an exclusive formula that bonds to each individual hair to promote the most luxurious shine. Ultra Conditioning Hair Polish is 100% silicone based and allows hair to feel silky soft yet is not slippery. Leaves manes and tails soft, full, tangle free and manageable.…

    $168.00 $12.99
    10 Reviews
  • Contoured Sponge

    Contoured shape for convenience and easy gripGreat for bathing and groomingIdeal for washing faces and sensitive areasA must for wash totes and first aid kitsMeasures:  8 ½” L x 4 ½”WMade in the USA

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    $2.99 $1.49
    9 Reviews
  • MSM Ultra Pure

    All natural anti-inflammatory to support healthy joint functionSupports connective tissues proteins and collagen levelsAids in immune response and reduces seasonal allergies100% pure and of the highest quality MSM for optimal support (powder)2 lb. container = 90 day supply4 lb. container = 180 day…

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    $15.99 - $20.99
    31 Reviews