Warm Leg Wraps

  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps

    …efficiently. These wraps will break down scar tissue and reduce wind puffs without the use of liniment or poultice , and are great for reducing inflammation caused by cellulitis.Can be applied before and after exercise to speed warm-up and recoveryIdeal as a stable wrap, while training or…

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  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Fast Wrap Polos

    …Fast Wrap Polos provide moderate support and impact protection when training, schooling or warming up before classes. The ceramic lining will speed your horse's warm-up time, keep legs loose/limber and prevent injury.All the functionality of a polo wrap in a hassle-free designLower strap wraps

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  • Dura-Tech® Wool Blend Quarter Sheet

    This chill chasing wool exercise sheet keeps horse and rider warm and protected while riding in the cold weather. This quarter sheet is of traditional mid-weight level of warmth and is cut out to wrap around rider, or fit under the saddle, and attaches with hook and loop closures.Made of 80% wool…

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  • Dura-Tech® Heavy Fleece Dress Dog Coat

    …designed with a soft fleece collar, wrap style under the chest and fastens on both sides with hook and loop closureSoft lycra bound edges will not rub. Contrasting trim and silver piping add a dressy look to this dog warmerWrap style belly fits between the front legs and attached to each side of…

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  • Draw It Out Liniment 32oz

    …Draw It Out; 50% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water. Soak wrap in the recommended mixture. Wrap affected areas, keeping wrap moist. Use remaining mixture to keep wrap moist by using a spray bottle or syringe. Recommended application time: 36-48 hours

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  • UltraFlex® Full Body Lycra Slicker With Full Zipper

    …muzzle to base of chestLycra sheet attachment features a bellyband and detachable elastic leg strapsFeatures a Comfort Cuff polar fleece lined nosebandNo snag hook and loop fastening on all closuresSplit Tail Wrap design reduced tail rub and is great on horses with a higher tail set.No center seam…

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  • Equine Light Therapy® Large Kit

    …preventive maintenance and warming up the back muscles before a ride.Measures 12" X 17" (43.2cm x 30.5cm) and has 264 LEDs: 120 visible red (660nm) and 144 near infrared (880nm)Internal Timer turns pad off after recommended treatment timeLarge enough to wrap around the entire leg from the knee to…

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  • Gel Eze™ Hot N' Cold Wrap

    …reusable gel wrap can be used as a hot or cold application to ease stiffness and soreness in joints and tendons from strenuous exercise or relieve pain and inflammation from a variety of leg injuries. The wrap conforms around hocks, knees or anywhere on a horse's leg. The wrap can also be used…

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