Waterproofing Spray For Blanket

  • Nikwax TX-Direct Spray-On 16.9oz

    NixWax TX. Direct Spray On is an easy to use waterbased waterproofing formula for all textile garments and equipment including laminated, PJ coated and breathable fabrics with wicking/absorbent liners. Directions:Protect working surface and lay clean wet fastened garment flat. Hold bottle 15 cm/6…

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  • Schneider's Spray On Blanket Re-Proofer

    …rinse (twice) blanket to ensure removal of all soapHang or drape wet blanket verticallyShake bottle wellHold 6"-12" away and spray the exterior of the wet blanketUse at a rate of approximately 2 oz. per square yard for polyester or nylon blankets (an average size blanket is app. 4 sq. yards)Dry…

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  • Revivex Instant Water Proofing

    …revitalizes waterproofing on turnout blankets, camping equipment and footwear. Spray on, air dry and that’s it. Silicone free formula dries to a non-sticky finish.Repels water, dirt and stainsPerfect for quick touch upsSafe to use on leather and suedeCovers 1 ½ of a size 78 blanket 5 oz. spray

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