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  • Good Medicine Reinmaker Western Show Saddle Pad

    The Reinmaker show pad is a medium weight woven wool pad that will frame the largest Western saddle. Each pad is made of 100% handwoven New Zealand wool with a combination of Native American symbols and patterns. Wool naturally conforms to the horse's back for a non-slip security and naturally wicks…

    $99.99 $79.99 - $89.99
    5 colors
    Brown/Blue/CreamBlack/Light Blue/BlueBlack/Tan/BrownTan/Brown/RustTeal/Cream/Mustard
  • Schneider's Adult Suede Western Chaps

    These western suede chaps will complete your show outfit without sacrificing your comfort, while keeping your show look refined.Quality split hide chaps will give you an grip "stick" in the saddleYears of comfort and wearTop quality 4 oz split hiderought out chap leatherSoft and supple for…

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    $285.99 $199.99
    1 Reviews
  • FES Women's Antique Bronze Daisy Western Spurs

    These western spurs offer a 10 point rowel that distributes pressure over a broader area for softer contact. These are ideal for younger riders or riders with a shorter leg.Antique finish with silver and copper daisy motifChap guard will keep your chaps from falling over your spurs and getting…

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    $78.99 $54.99
    2 Reviews
  • FES Black Steel Gooseneck Western Spurs

    This all-around 10 point blunt end spur is a milder spur that communicates by applying pressure across a wider area of the horse's sides. The black finish blends nicely with boots and doesn't draw unnecessary attention to the foot while in the ring. Over time and exposure to weather, the blackened…

    $54.99 $37.99
    2 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Navajo Double Woven Western Saddle Blanket

    Tightly woven and washable, this western saddle blanket in stylish Navajo styles make an excellent western pad for both everyday use and the show ring.Double woven acrylic saddle blanketThis makes a nice show pad or work padWeighs 4.8 lbsSize: 32" x 64" - (doubled 32" x 32")

    $29.99 $19.99
    1 Reviews
    7 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Printed Navajo Western Saddle Blanket 32" x 64"

    A versatile, lightweight western saddle pad for use as a pad liner or for the show ring over another pad.Single woven acrylic saddle blanket make a nice liner to keep pads clean or a top layer over a pad linerWeighs 2.8lbsMachine wash and line drySize: 32" x 64" (doubled 32"x32")

    $21.99 $14.99
    1 Reviews
    10 colors
    Black/BlueBlack/LimeBrown/TanGrey/BlackGreen/BlackKelly Green/BlackPurple/BlackRed/BlackRoyal/BlackTeal/Black
  • Mayatex Gemini Western Show Saddle Pad

    Stand out in the show ring with this quality western saddle pad or use it for everyday riding to add some extra flair.Beautifully patterned oversize show padHand woven from the finest quality New Zealand woolWool is breathable and has superior moisture wicking abilityHeavyweight, tightly woven to…

    1 Reviews
    7 colors
  • Billy Royal® Sedona Western Show Saddle

    …horses at 27 1/2" skirt length, that doesn't sacrifice quality, comfort, or the beautiful look you expect from a Billy Royal saddle. The Sedona Western Saddle is completely handmade and has a sterling silver plated pommel, horn and oversized corner plates, giving the saddle a rich, clean look, and…

    $6569.99 $3499.99
    1 Reviews
    2 colors
    EspressoLight Oil
  • FES Youth Western Ball Spurs

    Good looking spur for those horses that need just a little nudge for faster response. The ball end spur is also a good option for use on sensitive sided horses. Hinged spur buttons allow straps to be attached easily. Sized to fit most youth/children’s sized boot heels.Stainless steelBand: ½”Heel: 2…

    $39.99 $27.99
    2 Reviews
  • Cowgirl Royalty Women's Crystal Yoke Western Show Shirt

    This western show shirt has just enough bling in the right places to give riders a neat and confident appearance in the show pen.Cotton, fitted, close tailored fitGives riders a neat, confident appearanceThis is a great shirt for getting noticed in the open show arena in any western class

    $68.99 $47.99
    1 Reviews
    5 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Western Performance Contour Fleece Cooler

    …performance cooler designed specifically for your equine athlete. Throw on your horse over his/her tack while waiting at ringside. Fits over any western saddle.Plush 300 grams (10.5 oz.) double sided, non-pilling polar fleeceContour shaped neck with 4 hook and loop tab neck closuresHalter tab &…

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    $135.99 $94.99
    11 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Wintec Square Skirt Western Saddle

    Lightweight and low maintenance make this saddle a #1 choiceSkirt, fenders, seat jockeys, pommel and cantle are made of Dura LeatherBuilt on a 5 year warranted tree with Semi Quarter Horse barsDura Leather is weatherproof and abrasion resistant for longevityNo oiling, conditioning or…

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    8 Reviews
    2 colors