Western Cinch Comfort

  • Professional's Choice® SMx VenTECH™ Western Cinch - Chocolate

    The ideal western cinch if you want an easy to clean, comfortable, and non-slip option for your horse.SMx VenTECH™ Technology provides more support, better fit, and enhanced performanceHeavy-duty, reinforced stainless steel roller buckle and center D-rings are secure, long lasting and wont…

    $67.99 $59.99
  • Professional's Choice® SMx Comfort-Fit Shearling Western Cinch

    Made for hard working horses that need a more comfortable, breathable western cinch. All-natural shearling lining is soft, breathable and non-chafing to keep your horse cooler and more comfortable.All-natural shearling lining is soft, breathable and non-chafing to keep your horse cooler and more…

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  • Professional's Choice® SMx VenTECH Comfort Stretch Cinch

    …is superior quality and comfort. The SMx VenTECH Comfort-Stretch Cinch features 100% elastic and neoprene allowing the center of the cinch to stretch with the horse as it works. Pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the cinch. The VenTECH Cinches come with the Professional's…

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  • Toklat Competition Coolback Western Cinch

    When your horse is comfortable, all is right with the world. The Toklat Competition Coolback Girth was developed to eliminate troublesome girth rubs. The comfortable fleece backing extends 2" past the cinch buckles to ensure every vulnerable area is protected.The nylon web girth features a medical…

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  • Professional's Choice® Mohair Western Cinch

    Incredible comfortable and highly breathable all natural fibers made to last100% hand woven mohair is soft, strong with natural elasticityMohair releases heat and wicks away moisture and dries quicklyEliminates friction to prevent cinch sores, chafing and sweat gallingRugged stainless steel center…

    $76.99 $70.99
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  • 5 Star Mohair Roper Western Cinch

    The natural mohair cinch is soft and comfortable against the horse, distributing pressure evenly, with outstanding wicking properties and breathability.Cinch features 31 strands of 100% natural mohairTwo layers of 8 ply 100% mohair cord to wick away sweat and prevent gallingFlat stainless steel…

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  • Professional's Choice® SMx VenTech Western Cinch

    Two piece girth featuring a 'peel away' VenTech technology non-slip linerVentilated non-slip neoprene liner conforms comfortably to your horseHeavy duty nylon web girth attaches firmly to the neoprene linerVentilation allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping horses coolWill not harbor bacteria…

    $64.99 $59.99
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  • Weaver Leather® Rayon 15 Strand Pony Western Cinch

    A flexible western pony cinch made to absorb moisture and move with your pony.A traditional design with updated materialRayon cinch offers the same comfort as similar mohair cinches but not as likely to stretchHighly absorbent but will not hold excess body heatNickel plated hardwareColor of rayon…

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  • T3 FlexForm WoolBack Cinch

    The T3 FlexForm WoolBack Cinch offers superior pressure relieve and moisture management to keep your horse performing comfortably and at the highest level. This cinch cushions and conforms nicely to your horse, allowing your horse to breathe effortlessly.Durable polypropylene webbing1/2" thick Flex…

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  • Billy Royal® Alpaca Roper Cinch

    This roper style cinch is made of natural alpaca fiber with center D-rings, so it's strong, comfortable, durable, and hypoallergenic.27 strand natural alpaca fiber is very strong, comfortable and durableNaturally hypoallergenic, Alpaca is great for sensitive skinned horses commonly irritated by…

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    $114.99 $79.99
  • Billy Royal® Mohair Roper Cinch

    Our mohair string roper style cinch is naturally elastic cinch with center D-rings, making this cinch strong, comfortable, and durable.29 strand Mohair string girth is non-irritating to the skinMohair is the most durable animal fiber used in cinches, as Mohair is forgiving and has a natural elastic…

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  • Billy Royal® Alpaca Straight Cinch

    This natural alpaca fiber straight style cinch with center D-rings is made to be strong, durable, and hypoallergenic for your horse's comfort.27 strand natural alpaca fiber is very strong, comfortable and durableNaturally hypoallergenic, Alpaca is great for sensitive skinned horses commonly…

    $109.99 $74.99