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Western Pony Pad

  • Diamond Wool® Contoured Tough Western Saddle Pad

    A western saddle pad contoured the right amount for higher withered horses and tough enough for daily use.Contoured spine and wither relief notch allow for a better fit especially on high-withered horses1" ranch tough wool felt padContoured spine is reinforced with distressed leatherSize: 32" x…

    1 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Synthetic Childrens Pony Saddle

    The perfect beginner saddle that meets the needs of young ridersConstructed out of bonded foam and PVC for comfort and durabilityLightweight fiberglass tree with a 5 year warranty and semi QH barsSynthetic outer is weatherproof, abrasion resistant with stainless hardwarePadded suede, well balanced…

    $214.99 $149.99
    13 Reviews
  • Weaver Leather® Rayon 15 Strand Pony Western Cinch

    A flexible western pony cinch made to absorb moisture and move with your pony.A traditional design with updated materialRayon cinch offers the same comfort as similar mohair cinches but not as likely to stretchHighly absorbent but will not hold excess body heatNickel plated hardwareColor of rayon…

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    $32.99 $29.99
  • Dura-Tech® Western Pad Liner

    An outstanding barrier between your show pad and your horseMade from lightly quilted cotton and does not bunch up under padsLightweight and will keep the undersides of pads free of dirt and sweatFits under all sizes of protective or show padsSize: 30" x 30"Color: Black

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    $35.99 $24.99
    13 Reviews
  • StormShield® Blizzard Pony Turnouts

    Multiple warmth levels allow you to be prepared for always changing weather conditions. Durable, comfortable, with a great fit, ensuring greater protection during wet, cold, and windy weather, with both a pony turnout sheet and pony turnout midweight blanket.

    $144.99 - $174.99 $84.99 - $99.99
    151 Reviews
  • Pony Pomms™ Ear Plugs

    Designed to eliminate distracting/loud noises to keep horses focusedAllows pony to hear normal tones while limiting annoying noisesComfort plus design protects sensitive ears from wind and waterSoft, pliable non-irritating ball size plugs fit securely within the earDiscreet and durable and perfect…

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    3 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Fleece Western Pad Liner

    …fleece pad liner is a nice layering piece under your work pads to keep them clean, sweat free and longer lasting.Soft fleece pad liner works as a layering piece under your work padsKeeps your horses comfortable while keeping your pads clean and sweat-freeExtend the life of your work pads with this…

    $49.99 $34.99
  • Dura-Tech® Western Non-Slip Pad Liner

    Versatile pad liner is lightweight, durable and does not hold in heatConstructed of durable rubber with vent holes along the spineKeeps show pads from slipping and the under sides cleanFits under all sizes of protective or show padsEach liner is between 1/8”-1/4” thick to eliminate bulkSize:  28 x…

    $28.99 $19.99
    29 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Aridity™ Western Work Pad

    …saddle pads on different horses. A must have for every western rider.Durable 1200D poly outer shell with a 3/4" felt inner layers and our Aridity™ Bamboo Charcoal liningContoured spine, deodorizing and antibacterial properties fight off skin irritations that can be transmitted from using saddle pads

    $144.99 $69.99
  • Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon® Pony Neck Cover

    420 Denier Breathable Nylon / Matching Neck Cover (280gm) Insulation / Nylon LiningColor: NavyNeck Cover Sizes Small2 year warranty

    $89.99 $39.99
    4 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® VIKING Pony Print Turnouts

    Traditional Euro no back seam constructionQuality waterproof breathable1200 Denier Ripstop Poly / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining

    $89.99 - $119.99 $49.99 - $69.99
    2548 Reviews
    2 colors
    Blue PlaidPink Plaid
  • Dura-Tech® VIKING Solid Pony Turnouts

    Traditional Euro no back seam constructionQuality waterproof breathable1200 Denier Ripstop Poly / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining

    $79.99 - $109.99 $49.99 - $59.99
    2548 Reviews
    2 colors