• Wonder Whip Thin End Riding Bat 36", 39", 42"

    Ideal for training, showing, over fences or on the flatBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core6 1/2" textured non-slip rubber grip handle2 3/4" x 1/2" leather flapperBlack only

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    $21.99 - $24.99 $18.99 - $22.99
    7 Reviews
  • Wonder Whip Halter Whips 48", 54", 60"

    Ideal for halter training or show ring useBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core9 ¼”non-slip rubber gripped handle10” popper endSizes:  48”, 54” or 60”Black only

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    $23.99 - $24.99 $18.99
    11 Reviews
  • Wonder Whip 5 1/2' Halter Training Whip

    Perfect for training halter prospectsBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core5 1/2' in length with a 2' lash10" rubber grip handle with 10" braided popperBlack only

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    $23.99 $14.99
    1 Reviews
  • Wonder Whip 36" Riding Whip

    Nicely balanced for optimal controlLightweight and easy to handleBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core6 ¾” textured non-slip rubber braid grip36” long with 6” popperBlack only

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    $16.99 $12.99
    7 Reviews
  • FLECK Jump Bat with Wrist Loop

    FLECK uses only the finest materials to create a precision made piece of equipment to meet the standards of today's equestrians. Each jump bat is made in Germany with a fiberglass core covered with woven nylon Measuring 24" in length, the bat features a rubber grip, wrist loop and just the right…

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    $21.99 $16.99
    1 Reviews
    3 colors
  • FLECK Dressage Whip with Nylon Covered Shaft

    whip is made with a superb and innovative design that is valued by Dressage riders around the world. Lightweight and perfectly balanced to help riders communicate with amazing precision.Each whip is made in Germany with a solid fiberglass core with a woven nylon cover. The FLECK Dressage whip offers…

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  • Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Leather Handle and Small Cap

    This is a classic dressage whip with the option of a neutral colored handle to match your outfit at home or in the show ring.Black nylon threaded shaftLeather handle for a non-slip gripChrome look small end capShaft color: Black

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  • Wonder Whip Dressage Whip

    Classic styling is perfect for training or showNicely balanced and stiffer to limit hand movementBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core8" leather gripped handle with 6" braided popperFlat silver mushroom hand stop30" or 36"

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    $32.99 - $33.99 $27.99 - $29.99
    10 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Non-Slip Handle and Reflective Thread Shaft

    This nicely balanced dressage whip adds a splash of color with its reflective threading, while maintaining a nice feel in the hand.Nylon threaded shaft with reflective threadsNon-slip gray handle with swirl of color to match shaftDurable and has a great feel in the handLarge black mushroom cap at…

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  • Lunge Whip 5 1/2'

    Great for motivating and teaching cues while longeing.Braided polyethylene cover fiberglass coreExtra-long lash keeps horse's focus10" textured rubber grip10" braided nylon popper5 1/2'L with 7' lash

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    $17.99 $14.99
    9 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Gel Handle

    This extremely comfortable dressage whip to hold, paired with it's design to reduce fatigue, is perfect for long rides or if you have multiple horses to ride.Well balanced, soft, comfortable, and conforms to the handNylon threaded shaft with shaft thread color matching gelAnti-slip diamond patterned…

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  • Fleck Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip

    A dressage whip that's lightweight but durable enough for everyday use.Lightweight, well balanced whip for better accuracyPadded handle for more comfortable feelBlack plastic cap blends in to handle for seamless lookFleck professional series dressage whipMade in GermanyMaximum length legal for USDF…

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