Wood Chew

  • EQyss Crib-Guard Gel

    Long lasting no chew gel helps deter horses from chewing and cribbing without staining or damaging surfaces it's applied to.Safe for use on wood, plastic or metal fences, blankets, wraps, and leatherClear formula with a bad tasteBrush lid ensures even coverage for long lasting effectivenessWill not…

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  • Ultra® Chew Stop

    Deters horses from chewing wood, blankets, wraps and other surfacesHot pepper taste effectively discourages bad behaviorNon-toxic, non-staining formula is safe for all surfacesSafe to use on manes and tails32 oz. with sprayerMade in the USAUnconditional money back guarantee

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  • Rap Last

    Raplast® is a unique stop-chewing training aid for horses. It prevents horses from chewing on wraps, blankets, wood, manes, tails, and more. Raplast® works by sight, smell and taste.Unique natural method that prevents horses from chewingSpray on blankets, wraps, stall doors, trailers ties or…

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  • Kentucky Equine Research® EquiShure® Digestive Supplement

    …signs of unexplained origin, poor feed efficiency and subsequent weight lossloss of performance, and development of certain vices such as wood chewing, weaving, and stall walkingIt is important to maintain a stable hindgut environment with EquiShure® to encourage proper digestion and absorption…

    $47.99 $42.99