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spoon bit

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spoon bit

FES California Pleasure With Silver Cheeks

…port and cheeks gives this bit just enough palate and tongue relief to give you the right amount of pressure for that needed response. * Great bit that limits hand movement while keeping horse’s head position * Allows milder palate pressure with the swept back spoon port * Medium port reminds…

$43.99 $34.99
5.0 out of 5

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Billy Royal Sterling Silver Overlay Show Bit Square Spoon Port

…slobber bar with rein attachment rings * Stainless steel is durable, flavorless and easy to keep clean * Mouthpiece is sweetened with copper inlay to encourage salivation * Mouthpiece: 5” * Port: 2 ¼” square spoon port * Cheeks: 8 ½”L * How to Measure your Western Bit

$489.99 $399.99

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FES Aluminum Spoon Sweet Iron Mouth Bit

…increase sensitivity * Long, swept back shanks decreases the response time from riders hands * Swept back medium port applies just the right amount of palate pressure * Mouthpiece: 5” * Cheeks: 7 1/2” * Port: 1 ¾” * Bit diameter: 7/16” * How to Measure your Western Bit

$43.99 $34.99
4.5 out of 5

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Robart  Precision Spring Loaded Spoon Mouth

…lifting a shoulder or flexing exercises. * Nicely balanced bit for the show ring or for schooling and training * Spring loaded correction allows each side to be worked individually * Allows milder palate pressure with the swept back spoon port * Can be harsh as tongue pressure is applied at the…

$66.99 $52.99
5.0 out of 5

FES Mesa Spoon

…sensitivity. Solid ported mouthpiece applies some tongue and bar pressure. This bit is gentler on the tongue and pallets due to to smooth rolled back port. * Mouth: 5” * Cheeks: 7 1/2” * Port height: 2” * Bit diameter: ½” * Mouthpeice is sweet iron - sweet iron rusts…

$54.99 $27.99
5.0 out of 5

Robart Spring Loaded Spoon Mouth

…finishing level bit that is great for schooling or showing seasoned horses * Helps horses lighten up and lift their shoulders and increases responsiveness * Nicely engraved lightweight aluminum cheeks are great for the show ring * Stainless steel bars with a sweet iron spring loaded spoon mouth *…

$81.99 $64.99
4.5 out of 5

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FES Loomis Cheek Spoon Bit

This is a nice finishing level bit that has swept back loomis cheeks to quicken the response from the rider’s hand to the bit with minimal hand movement. The medium height spoon port allows mild palate pressure, reminding horses to keep their head in the ‘comfort zone’, then…

$34.99 $29.99
5.0 out of 5

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FES Spoon D Ring Bit with Hooks

…horses that are currently used to working with a ported bit. The spoon mouth sets very upright in the mouth with a tipped top encouraging the horse to flex at the poll. Hooks allow you to attach the bit to the bridle and reins keeping the bit in the most effective position. Helps to lighten up a…

$37.99 $29.99
4.5 out of 5

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…style spoon port that will lay comfortably across the tongue and is less severe if it contacts the palate. The floating port has a small copper roller that will help relieve nervousness and increase salivation. This is a nice bit for intermediate level horses and this bit applies…

$99.99 $94.99

Dutton Floating Spoon Teardrop Cheek Western Bit

…than bits with a solid mouth. This bit is hand forged from blackened steel that will rust over time and produce a sweet taste and promote salivation. Features include: * Three piece floating spoon port with copper wrapped center * Hand forged with a lifetime guarantee (no two bits are exactly…


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Billy Royal Sterling Silver Overlay Show Bit Square Spoon 1 1/2" Port

* Beautifully detailed and entirely hand forged Arabian show bit * Hand engraved sterling silver overlay on polished blue steel * Blue steel provides an attractive contrast * Attached slobber bar with free moving rein attachment rings * Mouthpiece is sweetened with copper inlay * Mouthpiece:…

$489.99 $399.99

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FES Show Bit Copper Medium/High Port

* Leverage bit to accompany a bradoon in a double bridle * Stainless steel mouthpiece and long stainless steel shanks * Low port spoon mouth distributes tongue and bar pressure * Long shanks offer leverage to encourage and fine tune head set * Copper mouthpiece promotes salivation and increases…

$37.99 $16.99
5.0 out of 5

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FES Pro Correction Bit Extra Heavy Cheeks

* Great bit for finishing well broke horses and looks fantastic in the show ring * Antique bronze swivel cheeks with silver dot detail offers a quicker response time * Spoon mouth port with copper roller applies palate pressure and limits tongue pressure * Copper rollers on the mouthpiece promote…

$61.99 $48.99
4.5 out of 5

FES C Port with Silver Cheeks

This bit has plenty of tongue and palate pressure for the advanced horse. The straightness of this bit allows you to use the lightest touch to get the quickest response. * Great looking show bit for the seasoned, advanced level horse * Black steel cheeks with engraved German silver overlay *…

$41.99 $32.99
5.0 out of 5

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